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Sri Krishna Institute Of Technology, Bangalore

  • Bangalore, Karnataka


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The campus is located on the outskirts of Bangalore. Its global standard infrastructure provides the ground work for its research, teaching, development and other professional services. Brick & Mortar alone do not make an institution. The dedicated and knowledge able teachers with kind heart interact with every student on the campus through the protocol system wherein students can interact with his/her teaching faculty for counseling, advice or guidance is the hallmark of this institution. The library and information center, the repository of knowledge is the center place of attraction here. About 50 international and similar number of national technical journals on various engineering & technology, most modern publications on CSE/ISE/EC subjects with well laid out library stack with reference section to house 100 students at a time is the place where every student wants to spend his/her time in the campus. The Campus situated in a 20 acre land about 15 km from the city center can be easily reached by public transport. Fleet of 10 buses of the institute help our students to commute from their residence and /hostel free of hassles. “All work and no play makes jack a dull Boy” Ever enthusiastic and active sports and games division of the institute offers excellent opportunity to train one self in football, cricket, volleyball and table tennis. The state of the art gym is where one can seat out to trim ones figure also housed in the campus. A swimming pool of international standards will come up shortly inside the campus. Hostel for girls inside the campus with the best facilities add to the attraction. An auditorium to house around 150 audiences all modern audiovisual equipment is inside the campus. Various technical workshops, seminars and conferences are held here. The hall is also open for students for the cultural festivals. An am phi theatre over looking a green and lustrous lawn is the place for annual day functions where one can leave one’s hair down and shake a leg. The campus automations solution and university Management System enable the students to interact with IVRS (Interacting Voice Response System) where the students and parents and access all date/ information such as IA marks, Attendance, staff information through the internet in multiple languages (Kannada, English, Hindi). EDUSAT learning center has been fully equipped with the generous assistance of VTU where expert lecturers on various topics by eminent professors and professionals are made available to the students through out the day. A high speed (1mbps) Internet center is available in the campus for 12 hr a day for students and staff. Language laboratory with teaching aids supplied by VTU is made an available to all students free of cost.

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