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Shoolini University Of Biotechnology And Management Sciences

  • Solan, Himachal Pradesh


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In the summer of 2004, a congruent group of expert minds came together to form the Foundation for Life Sciences and Business Management, which started out with the aim of bringing change to the state of Himachal Pradesh using knowledge as the great enabler. Initially starting out with SILB (Shoolini Institute of Lifesciences and Business Management), which remains a success story till today, the foundation launched itself into a university to be able to meet curriculum-specific demands of students who wanted to specialise. Thus came to be Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences, where the focus was on technology and biology to create India’s first biotechnology university. Since then, the university has expanded rapidly to include various science, technology and liberal arts progammes under its wings and provide high quality graduate and post graduate to students in and around the state. The university campus is located at Bajhol, 14 km away from Solan on Oachghat-Kumarhatti Highway. Settled amidst the Shimla hills, Solan is the fastest growing hill town of Asia. It is a mix of bustling streets and tranquil green spaces. Based in an easily accessible location, its eco-friendly and green environment is an added advantage.

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