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The effects of globalization have driven tremendous changes within the education system. Today, change is so rapid that the educational system has to keep itself abreast with the latest development. The existing problem in education has lead to globalization of the education sector that should be oriented into the transnational competence. At MEP, we believe in building foundation on a wide base of knowledge, which includes the elements of professional, subjective, practical and spiritual base. We believe that in today's competitive and fast changing environment, it is time of complete knowledge. In our academic program we are sworn to excellence. It is a passion shared equally by the institute's faculty, students, corporate sponsors and alumni. With an orientation towards global thinking, our program builds management initiative, responsibility and discipline. Our faculty is encouraged to consult for industry and contributes to contemporary research, while our students are encouraged to relate it to the current business practices. Education at the Institute has a well-rounded international perspective that imparts management skills and qualities to meet global needs. MEP is prepared to avail global opportunities for furthering its objectives.

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