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Maharajah Institute Of Medical Sciences, Vizianagaram

  • Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh


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The College and the Hospital Situated amidst pristine surroundings at Nellimarla in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh, Maharajah's Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS) is the first and only Teaching Hospital of its kind in these areas. Vizianagaram has a great socio-cultural heritage but lacks good healthcare facilities. The district has an area of 6539 sq.kms and a population of 22,45,103 as per 2001 census. the density of population 343 with 82% being rural with 51.82% literacy. There were 11 public and a community hospital with 836 beds, and 104 medical officers and 6 dispensaries, 51 primary health centers. There are 37 beds and 5 doctors per one lakh of population, prior to the establishment of the MIMS. It is the endeavour of MIMS to provide such services in this area. The tribal belt of Araku is not very far away and MIMS wishes to cover these areas as part of its out-reach services. Spread across a vast area, The Maharajah's Institute of Medical Sciences consists of two blocks of 1,10,000 sq.ft and 90,000 sq.ft respectively. The 740 bedded Hospital occupies an area of 3,10,000 sq.ft. Location advantage Maharajah's Institute of Medical Sciences is situated in a easily accessible location on the state Highway 43, 15 kms from the National Highway (NH-5), 5 kms away from the Vizianagaram Railway Station and 60 kms away from the Visakhapatnam Airport. The district of Vizianagaram situated in the east coast of the southern peninsula in the geographical 17-15' and 19-15' of the northern latitude and 80.00--- and 83-45' of the eastern longitude.

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